LIFE IS SHORT slab serif

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This one is eluding me, any thoughts?

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Looks like Rockwell, but the proportions don't look right...

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It's more elegant than Rockwell and doesn't have the ball serifs of Archer.

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There are at least 4 matching fonts,
and as I don't if they are legitimate or not,
I will reveal the first 2:

PogoSSK Bold
Pogo SSi Bold

Does anybody knows more about which is the original design?

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That doesn't look right to me either.

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sorry double post

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Where did you spot the difference?
They seem like a perfect match to me,
except of the blurry rendering at some letters' serifs,
due to the low image resolution.

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SSi and SSK are from Southern Software, that was sued by Adobe for forgering Utopia.

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Is there a possibility for the following font [(c) 1986] to be the original design?

Alexandria FLF Bold - 4.1 (c)1986-92 by Richard A. Ware

(in case this is confirmed,
I think it's a good idea for an admin to delete the 2 fonts I mentioned in my first message)

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Alexandria looks more like it. Thanks.

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FLF fonts are adaptations of existing fonts with some minor changes to avoid straight copying. To me this font looks like a slight modification of URW Stymie. The serif on the middle arm of the E is gone, but offhand the rest looks the same to me. The G has the beard, the Q has the same tail, and the R leg is fairly close to the stem just like the posted sample. Stymie's serifs are shorter than Rockwell's, but in the U.C. letters are quite similar except for the letters I mentioned.

- - Mike Yanega

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"...good idea for an admin to delete the 2 fonts I mentioned in my first message)"

You are allowed to guess wrong and have it noted for eternity ;-)

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You can get some more information about Casady & Greene (FLF) on Luc Devroye's page, Type scene in California.

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