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Hey guys,

Just some simple advice needed here from Typophiles far greater than myself.

I'll be rebranding a Bookshop soon that involves an interior revamp along with a new logotype that dictates a boutique, well known, approachable, fully servicing store with ties to the core of books, type and their history.

It's called "The Bookshop at Caloundra" with emphasis being placed on the words "The Bookshop".
We're running away from the disjointed, unconnected feel of large chains and department stores for obvious reasons and want to connect with real book lovers.

I've got Caslon Graphique OT on my mind, its a start but I feel like there's a lot more out there with a more refined but strong feel.

What typefaces have you got in mind? I wouldn't mind having an option that pairs well with a sans-serif also.


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My take: why don’t you go for something really contrary to the usual identity programmes? I would explore an identity where the tagline ‘at Caloundra’ would be in a certain (fixed) typeface and the more important part ‘The Bookshop’ would vary all the time, rotating through a certain amount of different and distinctive typefaces. This way you can accentuate certain periods, certain genres, etcetera.

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Hmm... To me Caslon Graphique gives more a feel of fancy graphics than of a good book.

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I love the idea Bert, like the Typophile header hey? I don't think its feasible for the brief, it needs to be low maintenance and low involvement for me after the fact and of course, on a budget.

Riccardo I think you're right. I'm sure it was the weight that sold it the first time, I would like to keep tradition and in fact use a font with some history, something that book and text lovers alike can relate to and also represent their experience and knowledge in the industry (although the industry is far removed from its traditions these days).

Bezler love the Windsor in context video. I ended up spending the last 20 minutes clicking on related videos and I don't even like cats.

I'm looking for something I can embellish with gold ink down the spine of the "B" for instance and accents on other characters.
Also I think its important to use sentence case although if the shoe fits...

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