(x) Baseball Script

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I'm having no luck finding this or even anything similar. Any help would be much appreciated.

sorry about the quality of the pic.

Blatz Baseball Script

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Yves, I had a look at some of those yesterday. there's some nice stuff there but none of them really fit the bill.

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What about Candice?

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It's not exact, of course, but you could try Ballpark Weiner.

Ballpark Weiner

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Candice is certainly the closest thing I've seen to it.

thanks guys.

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The Letterheads font collection is right up this alley. The swashy tails provided with Ephemera are the icing on the cake.

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Never too late....

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Who're those loonies resurecting three year old threads!? :^D

It's not Ephemera BTW, but it's sooo close. Good one.

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I believe Christopher is right. The base forms are Candice.
It's just customized, and very nicely at that.

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