Logo for Animal shelter and clinic

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Hi Experts,
I need your help in coming up with a great color combination for this logo for an animal shelter and clinic in Arizona.

I want to come up with colors that embody the animals as well as the professional location they are.

They have had many poor logos created for them in the past. And, unfortunately that is the case for most non-profits. This is why I want to make this one GREAT!

Please help. This is what I have come up with so far.

Thanks in advance for all your expertise!

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I have definitely seen this concept before, with better execution no less. The sharp taper on the left side of the icon is distracting, and the details of the silhouettes are inconsistent. Why are you using a mark, an acronym, and a full name? Particularly, the acronym seems superfluous.

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agree with luma. way to much going on. keep it simple. I believe you might have one to many L's in Foothills.

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I agree that the slope on the left edge is distracting. Regarding the general concept -- a figure-ground effect using animal silhouettes -- it has indeed been used many times, but there are millions of logos in use and any logo you create is bound to have resemblances to others. The important thing is that it fits the client and is well executed. But I'd check to make sure that other animal-related companies in your area aren't using anything similar.

The font looks a bit corporate to me; you might try something with a friendlier look.

Regarding colors, I'd probably stay away from the blues and greens and try earth tones (maybe a rust color?).

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Luma, I agree with you that the concept been used a lot.

And not just for animal-related organizations; the Girl Scouts for instance use a similar figure-ground technique in their logo, and I'm sure there are countless other examples, too.

I'm just saying that figure-ground is a pretty basic design technique. It's been around a long time and will continue to be used long after we're gone. But I agree it's not the most original solution.

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Thanks for your comments. I am definitely implementing changes.

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Please see my revised images here and critique.
Thanks in advance

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The major stumbling point here is that there are a lot of elements here, and generally they are not working together, or even in tune with each other. Introducing the circle complicates things more as it is working more as an independent element rather than a mechanism to bring the composition together.

Although this is coming across as not being a unique idea, that's ok, as long as it is put together well, I am sure the client will be happy, and most small business don't have the budget to have a designer spends days and days looking for the perfect new solution.

I would suggest taking a step back, and look at the base elements of the design, which to me are fine, just need some thoughts and tuning, mainly with the type, layout and colour rather than graphic concept.

How about working from the perspective of the name, animal rescue has a dynamic about it, yet to this point the colours and composition are quite corporate and pedestrian. Maybe it should be approached as a badge that someone would wear embroidered on a uniform - like, these guys go out and do rescues, not Joes pet shop.

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