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Just ran into a very strange thing where FontLab kind of went nuts on me. I was drawing outlines in FL for a few glyphs in one glyph window. Not sure exactly what triggered it, maybe merging outlines on a glyph. Anyway… all of a sudden I have what look to be random composite glyphs in my window. I can't select them to delete them. If I click on a composite I'm brought to another random glyph cell. They all appear to have composites in them. I can't even figure if there are any patterns to which composites have shown up in which cells.

When it first started I immediately quit FontLab hoping I could get rid of the glitch. Didn't help. Any ideas what to do? My first thought since I only have Upper and Lowercase and a handful of alternates so far is to just start a new FL data file and Paste Special only the outlines into the new file. If any one has any ideas I would be very appreciative. Seems like the file is completely corrupt at this point.


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I think I figured out the problem. It had under view/show layers/neighbors selected. Not sure how that got turned on since it shows no keyboard shortcuts for it, but it was on. Sorry for my panic, I had simply never clicked on that before and had no idea what it did.

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Hello All,

I'm having a problem with my Font.... after generating it and using programs (flash, word) to write with it, I see that the tops of the taller letters as well as the bottoms of some letters with "tails" are cut off...... what could possible be the problem?
By the way - the point hight areas that the metrics window shows are 720 and -250.... if I go as tall as 840 for the ascender height could that be the reason ? I thought so but then it wouldn't explain the bottoms getting cut off as well....

Please help, thanks very much in advance...


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Hello Stephen, Glad you solve the trouble you found with neighbors, that's exactly what happen there.

Hi Asceder, According that I know if you choose the able area must to be 1000 pt from descender to ascender, you can combine values equivalent between boths (for Example you can set ascender heigh 750 + descender heigh must to be -250 = then you obtain a total 1000 pt). Any shape must to be inside of this boundaries, if you out this area, at least in word your font will be cropped out. I don't know exactly why this happen but you can avoid that trouble keeping that 1000 pts.

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