what typeface is this?

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1. Maybe someone can help me. I am looking for the typeface in the picture. Or one thats looks a like.

2. Also I am looking for a fresh, new, spontaneous, fashion magazine typeface. It's for on a magazine cover.

Looking forward to you replies!


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Cooper Black.

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wow ah, really didn't see that..

If anyone has some splendid new fashion types suggestions please let me know

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*scratches 's head* Teen fashion? Pet fashion? Parisian fashion? Milanese fashion? Fashion for twiggies? For real-life people? For rock-climbers?

Why not layer weights? Tilt the title? Write it in Morse code on the spine (if it's thick enough for one)? Get a lettering artist to put together a heading kit? kami, that's gotta be better than an off-the-shelf typeface...

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