First Typeface (And a bit lost)

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So this is my first attempt at a full-fledged typeface. I'm using this as an educational tool, so I've kept it very simple and maybe somewhat generic. Not all of the characters have been created at this point, but I can already see that there are issues I'm having a bit of trouble resolving. I'm hoping more experienced eyes can help me identify where some of the issues are coming from and how to fix them. There are three f's and two n's because I'm not sure which ones work best (if any).


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I like it! A few remarks:
the flag on /r/ is too narrow; make it higher (not wider)
there's generally little contrast which will make it hard to read in small sizes. Try enlarging the contrast. For example, the join between the bowl of n and the left stem is very fat. Try thinning it. Also, it looks like that same bowl is fatter than the stem, which is unusual. /u/ is too wide (compare to /n/). Diagonals on /k/ are too thin. Dot on /i/ is too small.
Keep it up!

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Thanks for the input. I'm working on those points right now. I'm aiming to have those changes and the full alphabet done tomorrow.

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