InDesign Guide with a Bringhurst-like approach

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I am looking for a thorough InDesign guide, as a companion to Robert Bringhurst's 'Elements of Typographic Style'.
Any suggestions?


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AFAIK there is no such thing. (Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m wrong).

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Well, thanks anyway. I searched some more and found this one:

At least it seems to get as close as possible, to what I was looking for. Any objections?

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This does look promising. There are some reviews on

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I bought the CS2 version (some years ago), and found it useful. The new edition could be the best book for your purpose.

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I've got this one for Christmas. It's well written, clear, pragmatic, but too general (and also too short) in my opinion. Not really the typographic InDesign companion you're looking for, but the mix Bringhurst + N. French might be enough.

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It seems like I need to to give it a try then.

Thanks for the advice

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