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I have been tasked with designing/typesetting a large parliamentary report. In the past, such reports have used a combination of sans and serif typefaces (serif for body text, sans for indented quotations -- and there are plenty of them). I wondered if anyone might have a suggestion for a suitable (and reasonably priced) contemporary 'super-family'. I have used Myriad Pro/Minion Pro and Scala Sans/Serif in the past for similar projects, but I wanted to try something new. Any advice would be very welcome.

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Sorry for self-promoting, but what about Agilita?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I was hoping someone could point a really beautiful / space-efficient sans/serif family. Perhaps I should think beyond that, as per

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You didn’t say space-saving and beautiful before :)
Novel could be a beautiful option then, Calluna a particular inexpensive, Bartholome and Jannon a space-saving, or Versa one that’s (supposedly) used by a parliament, the Dutch. Celeste is rather neutral and versatile, Freight seen often but still great, Fresco an underused gem with informal and script fonts. More pointers still?

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Thanks Indra — I wish I could purchase them all. I'd been wondering about Freight -- it's elegant and pretty reasonably priced. Thanks for your advice.

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FF Celeste: here. It is a sober and neutral typeface with roots in the modern era, but with a pleasant digital minimalism about it.
Another great family, but less “safe” is Expo Sans and Expo Serif, with more distinct features.

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Thanks all. Celeste was really lovely but unfortunately a little beyond my budget. I ended up buying Freight Sans/Serif. Cheers, Luke

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