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Hi guys,

I really hope you can help me out with this. Im obsessed.

I am looking for the font i have attached to this post. I know some of it is custom work, since the i's are a bit diffrent, but the base font is cool, and i really need it. It looked a bit like the font "Mustang", but its thicker and more brushy.

Any ideas?



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Don’t think it’s type at all.
Seems to be lettering by hand.

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Really? Alot of the letters are the exactly the same. If its not a font, is there any fonts out there that resembles it ? Other than Mustang of course? :)

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You could check for lookalikes.

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yeah, already did that before writing here, nothing good really :(

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Not very close to the original,
but based on the style you may also like:


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In the same vein: Blaze, Bronx

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