Newspaper sectioning with colours and type

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Hi all,

Some of you may remember that I'm editing a student newspaper in Scotland this year.

Well anyway, here's my biggest sticky problem: creating definition between the sections of the paper.

Taking notes from Monocle ( and the New York Subway, I did these to differentiate between our four sections:

I like the views one, certainly, and the culture one has a story behind it. Not sure about news and sport though... anyone have better ideas? How could I tweak this to make them fit more nicely with each other?

(P.S. the glyphs are Gotham Bold, which we use for signposting/page numbers.)

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How about the white symbol in the red “News” circle being some sort of star? (Probably need to be at least seven-pointed, to avoid any specific cultural associations. ✳) Which would associate with the idea of a news-flash. I certainly think the News one is currently working the least well. For Sport it’s logical that you have a green background, so perhaps choose (or draw) a ! that has a round dot at the bottom instead of a square one – to associate with the balls/pucks etc. inherent in so many sports.

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A bat-and-ball bang? Rather makes sense.

News... If you don't want to raid the dingbats, maybe an 'at' on a red-orange disc?

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Sports = Xs and Os (playbook)? Numbers (scores)?
News = I think the exclamation would work better for news.

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