Eclipse Project - Custom Type

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Custom Type for Eclipse, an educational/language software system.

I tried to attach the image, but I kept getting a javascript error, so I've provided a link; Design on Forrst

What vibe do you get from this type treatment? The target market is incredibly broad, so I was after a minimal, screen ready approach.

Note: This has nothing to do with the developer site

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Your link does not work either. Here is a jpg of your picture.

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That's annoying. Thank you for adding the image Michel, what do you think of the type?

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The rendering style of the mark is very early 80s-era. As such, it clashes with the type. The type, itself is fine, if not perhaps a bit bland for the software sector.

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Darrel, this is where you've been hiding? Still visit logopond? Fair call on the mark, it's only one option to be presented.

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