@font-face: Trade like Monospaced and Regular hand hinted typeface

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First of all, this is my first time actually posting on the forum, so hello all.

Im afraid its a little moment of panic i find myself in, as I post this. Im currently working on some projects for a client using @font-face. It's the first project we're really putting any effort into using @font-face on and its been a little bit of a nightmare to be honest. We were currently planning on using Trade Gothic above 15pt and Droid Sans (and Droid Sans Mono in tables).

We are having to give up on the Droid due to hinting issues (its designed to work on high PPI screens and doesn't seem to be hand hinted) and we're now looking for an alternative typeface to use below 15pt which resembles trade gothic in basic appearance, is hand hinted for use on screen and can be self hosted (due to security on the client side).

The options for monospace and regular don't have to be matching typefaces (but ideally should be) as long as they both looks alike below 15pt.

I think thats all you should need to know to be able to help (sorry brains not in gear today, let me know if I've missed anything)

Matt Noble

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The kicker is "self hosted", but let's see what we can do about that. I've dropped you a mail.

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Self hosting is a requirement of the client as they're very particular about things (swiss finance company).

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