DMV'sthemove - Logo Critique

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How's it going peeps.

Designing a logo for a brand me and good friend are starting in our area.

The logo is a representation of D.c, Maryland, & Virginia. hence DMV. Here all 3 states are so closely related we refer to it as the "DMV"
I kept it as simple as i could. The type I was looking for the same feel and went w/ a thin italic type for "'sthemove" to symbolize a
"moving effect" or "on the way".

Please be Hard on me w/ the critique I love constructive criticism. lol

Take care.

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**ALso the three symbols in the circle are representations of each state, DC,Md,and Va

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It's hard to critique a logo without knowing more about the company it represents.

But without knowing any background info, my offhand comment is that it looks like several different logos rather than one unified logo. The big circle overpowers the elements it contains. And "DMV's the move" sounds more like a tag line rather than part of a logo itself. You need it all to be simpler and more direct.

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DMV means Department of Motor Vehicles around here, so that is all I thought of in the name. The stars and stripes motif reinforced that governmental idea, and the M mark reminded me of racing. VA looks very tight comparatively and feels overly clean and modern next to the rest. Honestly, I can't even guess what sort of organization would be represented by this, so I would go back to the drawing board. What exactly is the message you are trying to send? What impression should this identity create? What does it have to do with three states? Who is your audience? etc.

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