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Hi there, I came across a subject that is a little riddle for me:

BitFonter 3.0 for Mac won’t export transparent PNGs as Images.

Since there is almost no point to export them like this, if there is no option of making them transparent – i’m maybe doing something wrong here?

Tools/Filter/Remove Background and the Glyph Preview Windows or even View/Transparency let you assume, that the data itself is layered on a transparent background.

Any suggestions would be helpful ’cause I’m really stuck here. Thanks!

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I'm not sure this is relevant, but my trusty old Photoshop Elements won't export PNGs with transparency unless I select the 24-bit option...

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Hmm... Isn't there some dark magic (some script-fu, a netpbm chain or some other hack) that lets you use a greyscale image as an alpha channel in another image, thus getting transparency?

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BTW, I just wanted to point out that, if you decide to store your PNGs outside of the PHF file (BitFonter: Preferences / Export / Photofont / Put glyph data: Outside of font file), you'll get a regular PNG which you can then post-process in any PNG editor (my preferred one in this case is Adobe Fireworks as it uses PNG natively). Any photofont will then "instantly update". No need to open and re-save in BitFonter.

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Jum, I'm curious to see what your colorfont looks like!


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Thanks guys. Right, the PNGs fo’ sure need to be 24-bit to be transparent. The point is, that BitFonter previews glyphs like this, but there seems no way to get them outta there. Some PS -Action or -Droplet should hopefully keep going where BitFonter dropped the ball.
@twardoch Thanks for the tip! Will try that and see how Fireworks will do. Unfortunately there are +1000 glyphs that need to be processed. The final result shall be a folder full of PNGs, dunno how to use a photofont properly, yet.

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BitFonter demo ... hmm, not for us Lion users.

(Boy, with this and other Lion oddities (reversed scrolling w00t, idiotic mouse gesturing in web browser, some useless folder called "All My Files" that the Finder keeps defaulting to ...) I find myself pining for Snow Lep again.)

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(Me too, one iMac is running on Lion and what i see there keeps the other machines on Snow Leopard, not just for Freehand MX)

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