mystery sans serif

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looks like alternative gothic but isn't. would appreciate your expert help guys!
look forward very much to hearing from you


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any ideas guys?

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i'd really appreciate any help anyone can offer. thanks

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This is a rather strange combination of glyphs...
This specific /R/ ir rather strange by itself - can't find any similar; and the combination of M/G/S/W/J doesn't seem to co-exist in a single font.

Therefore, the only suggestion I have is to reconstruct it using different fonts.
You can use the B/O/R/E/Y/T/I/N/G/L/ of Alternate-Gothic No 2

the /M/W/ of Letter Gothic L Bold

and the /J/S/ of Qhytsdakx (a bit condensed).

I don't know if this helps...
but it's my best suggestion

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