British Journal of Photography

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What is the body font in this:

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The title and caption text may be Farnham, but the body text is not. It's a nice slab that I know though I can't remember which it is.

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You are right, I checked the caption instead of body.
I don't know what the body is.

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Skolar, Typetogether.

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Thanks. The copy of Skolar I have (used in Windows with MS Word printing to Acrobat Pro 10) looks so much darker. Perhaps too dark. Any idea how they get it to nice and light (or what's wrong with my computer?).

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On Windows fonts are differently displayed depending how well they are “prepared” for the screen (=hinting), on a Mac hinting does not make a difference.

When printed the type of print technology defines how dark a typeface will look. Offset for example looks light.

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Thanks again.

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