Font Creation - Making a Typeface - Animation Idea

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Two Things

1) I had an idea a while back, that it would be very informative for me, and for the ending audience, to make a nice detailed animation of creating a typeface. Animating the grid being built, calling out the x-height, baseline, etc. Showing the base shapes and pure forms, and building out the letters. Maybe even showing how the other weights are created, etc. Maybe this would be best for something like Helvetica due to all the fanfare, or maybe a more classic font, I'm not sure.

so this brought me to #2

2) So I've always loved fonts, I never took a class, or dug deeper than reading "The Elements Of Typographic Style". Which was super informative, but sort of left me reeling. I would really like to find something that is detail driven, about the process of building out a grid, making some decisions and rules to follow, what shape to build first, second third, what letter to build first, second third, maybe some details about variation, etc, something with how the weights, and serifs come into play. But most of all I'd just like to get started on making my own basic all caps headline font. I'm well versed in illustrator, and have done pieces of the overall process, and I could definitely make it up as I go, and end up with letters that look like the alphabet... This would still leave me with an unsettled feeling of maybe not doing something right, or not following some basic rules, etc. I've never really felt I had a good grasp on the core theory, and the basic process... can anyone point me in the right direction?

My ultimate goal is to be able to figure out 2, so I can boil down the information, and hopefully make a beautiful version of 1, so that the rest of the world may understand type a little better, and in turn I would be a better designer overall.


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