Optimized scaling

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Does anyone know if there's a certain way to enhance pictures (non-vector) for an optimized result? I just heard this from a friend who claims there are specified steps to follow when scaling an image to optain the best result possible. He thought there was a 144% involved in the process, but he wasn't sure.
Does anyone have any information on this?

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Where's the type?


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Nowhere in this thread, but since a lot of people on here work in graphic design, maybe someone would know. In my defence; I did post it in the 'general' forum ;-)

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Perfect Resize 7, formerly called Genuine Fractals.

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Frank is right - I have been using Perfect Resize formerly Genuine Fractals for years and it is a great product to up sample images to achieve optimized results. It can easily take an 72dpi image to 200dpi or 300dpi with very good results.

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Thanks! I'll have to look it up!

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