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I'm designing a poetry book with particularly modern content. References to jpegs and google pop up regularly as do swear words and sexual innuendo.

I'm looking for a typeface which is a little more modern or controversial, rather than a standard poetry typeface such as Minion, Janson or Granjon. Ideally, something maybe more along the lines of some of Barnbrook's typefaces (I like the idea of Tourettes, being created purely for swearing), but with more subtle qualities and designed specifically for poetry.

Any ideas appreciated.

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Shameless selfpromotion here:

How about my font Eastburgh? ;-)

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I don't know of any typefaces designed specifically for poetry, other than my Panoptica, for monospaced constraints-based verse.
Economics would seem to mitigate against it. However, Panoptica has paid for itself one way or another, over time.

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I do enjoy reading it, Nick.

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What other poetry-designed typefaces are there?
After all, in a world of pickle forks and caviar spoons…

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For reasons random I keep thinking of George Douros's Anaktoria when someone mentions typesetting poetry, but that one is not modern, let alone contemporary.

How'bout Hideko or Fontin?

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I always used Spectrum but that was metal. Others used Lutetia, Bembo, fonts by Jan van Krimpen such as Romulus, and Romanée. These looked great in metal and if I am not mistaken cast by Enschedé. Here is the original refined drawing by van Krimpen of Romanée:

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P.S. We are now way past modern and, in a certain sense, beyond postmodern as well; "contemporary" might be a more appropriate adjective…

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Wow thanks everyone, this was more than expected. I can't get over the beauty of Acuta's 'g', but I do like the quirkiness of Jean's Eastburgh. It might just be what the client needs to promote his work effectively. Same goes for Panoptica , though the verses I'm setting are rather long, which may not work so well.

Certainly something to dig my teeth into...

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