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Hello, I'm a designer at an internet startup and as we grow and start to have more marketing material we are thinking of introducing another typeface into the mix. Currently on the website we use Metabold for most of our headers. Everything else is Lucida Grande except our logotype which is Museo. Thoughts?

Also I help out the non-web side of the company with print collateral and sometimes have presentations to put together. For these I'll use Metabold still but am looking for a good typeface in place of Lucida to go with it. Any ideas?


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I find Meta Serif to be one of the best webfonts for text at the moment. Why not stay within the family?

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Thanks. Also, if anyone has any standard typefaces that come on a mac that would be great. Like I said we're a start up so not sure what the budget for this is :/ All ideas welcome though!

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