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The project is a book about a Nepalese hospital. The intended audience is English speaking, 30-40-somethings, tourists or not. I've looked for types that might fit this sort of a project. I want to echo Devanagari and signpainting in the Latin letterforms somehow, but it's important for me to avoide the stereotypes. The books is based around a few short texts accompanied by images, spanning about 100 pages. I'm looking for a text face and a suitable companion for titles.

My shortlist so far:

This might be too stereotypical, although I'm sure my client would buy into it. I've kept it on my list because it's such a quality design, and for reference.

Lisboa Swash
Not sure if it's available, but the latin influcence is fluid enough to fit and some of the alts, like f.x. the y seems very fitting as sprinkle.

The "errors" is what draws me to Quadraat in this case: the dropping R and the top heavy g reminds me of sign lettering. Other features, like B/R, a &c mimicks rotation and pressure changes in a brush. Quadraat also has the qualities to fill both roles, being both decorative and calm.

The rotation of the tool is also what draws me to Novel. This might be to understated for display, but obivously not for extended body copy.

The abrubpt shapes, its angularity and the diagonal cuts echoes the Devangari script, as well as the implied reverse angle of the pen in descenders on g/y.

Similar to Meran in many ways, but feels more dated. I like the "clumpsyness". Somehow it feels like it was drawn really large. I like that it's not so subtle. The cursive is a plus here.

I've also looked at ITF's Kohinoor, but the roman is too polished, too western. Devanagari is traditionally written with what we consider a reverse angle of the pen, so I've been looking into left handed type designers like Jim Rimmer, but I haven't found anything I like yet.

So, do you have any suggestions?

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I've used Amanda before to suggest Devanagari, but that's probably over-the-top calligraphic.

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Hello. This is just to say that I find Vaibhav Singh's font Eczar एक्ज़र from the 2011 MA type design at Reading quite fascinating.

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Johan: Good suggestion. I'll have a look at it.

Thank you Michel! Very interesting, but probably too outspoken for text purposes in my book.

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