(x) Anyone know this one?

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Can anyone help me with this one or anything similar to it. Thanks in advance!

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Maybe it would help with more

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Solstice (1994) by William Ford Smith. You'll find it at [T-26].

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PS This should have been a 3-minuter, except for the fact I only just arrived at work and checked my e-mails 5 minutes ago. ;p

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Great stuff Yves! I knew I had seen it before but couldn't find it. Sigh! Story of my life.

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Well done, Yves!

I'm peeved, though: I didn't know the face, but it sure seemed T-26ish to me, so I looked there in what seemed to me to be appropriate classifications. Of course, now that you've shown which font it is, I can see that they classified it as a "headline" font. Only...there is no classification "headline" under "search by style." Their classification system bites.

Still, knowing the face off the top of your head trumps looking it up, so I bow to you, sir. That, not speed, is true Hall of Fame material.

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THX Dave, you make my evening, end of the week, weekend and possibly my month. And I totally agree with you about that sorry excuse for a classification system that [T-26] use on their website. But I still quite like their interface. And a fair share of their faces.

Actually, I've known [T-26] to surface on the market back when I still worked for FontShop. I clearly remember what a breath of fresh air it seemed compared to the household names that populated the FontBook in those days. There were quite a few rubbish faces amongst them, but at last the grunge generation had their own type library. That's why I studied their catalogue avidly and got to know a few of their faces pretty well. Little piece of trivia: the Troubleman "logotype" is set in Escalido, a grunged-up Letter Gothic. Nothing spectacular, but it is what it is and does the job perfectly:


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Whoops, that was the large-sized logo :/

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Thanks everyone!

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