If Typophile.com is Coca-Cola . . .

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Which site is Pepsi?

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No other one I’m aware of offers the same mix of topics and people. We can say that, if Typophile.com is Coca-Cola, we’re still in 1897 ;-)

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Yeah, back when they used cocaine, making it addicting!


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Dude, I don't drink that crap.
Typophile is POM, replete with '60s classic big idea advertising set in tight-but-not-touching Futura Demibold.

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No, typophile is a German beer, due mostly to the Punchcut naughty words "purity laws".

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I thought it was absinthe: refined, somewhat old-style, dangerous, that from time to time is the “new cool thing” among the “cool kids”.

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