disapearing space

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I am making a font that has contiguous lines running through through all the glyphs including the space. When testing, much to my chagrin, I found that apps like Illustrator and InDesign (and possibly everything else) don't like that. The weight looks wrong to begin with, and it vanishes altogether when converted to outlines, becoming an actual space.

I've solved the problem (in what feels like a Jerry-rigged way) with an OpenType feature to swap the space with another glyph, (or allowing users the option to pull it from the glyph pallet) but this requires users to know to do that. Seems to me to be a less than elegant solution.




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Probably the Build section would be better for this kind of question?

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In cases like that, I generally put the running line in the underscore slot…

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I just filed a bug against InDesign about this.


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