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This design will hopefully be engraved on a ring one day soon. There is also a good chance it'll be used for (print) invitations.

I am concerned about the legibility on the right half. It's difficult for me to be objective after staring at the design for so long...

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Diary Akoye?

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great idea Hilary ...

i read Hillary + Akele

the Hillary part seems a bit scrunched when compared
to the Akele. You could extend the LA cluster so the
counters are more open.

You might get something more wedding-ish if you went
more scripty ... but it'd be more of a fit challenge to engrave
on a ring.

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

Andriy - I'm now concerned about the legibility on both halves ;) The names are supposed to read "Hilary + Kaye".

bj - Thanks for your input! The entire word reads a lot better now! I modified the "e" as well, but that area is tricky.


Something "scripty" would definitely be more appropriate than this heavy metal look. I'll try sketching something new...

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I didn't have any problem reading the hilAry, but the Kaye is difficult to see. Like BJ, I read an "a" at the beginning. You've got your work cut out for you in hiding that first "e". The Kaye is was easy for me to read once I lost that "e".

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I say hilary right awawy, but not kaye.

Have you considered making the entire phrase an ambigram (as opposed to each individual name)? No idea if that would make it easier or harder...

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I agree with darrel's advice.

Using the first two letters gives you the flexibility to make the wedding mark more symbolic, personal without it needing to be completely understood by those, well, outside of the union.

Would give you the freedom to crunch the letters up more into a sigil. A more alchemical representation and yet, modern.

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To better hide the "e," make it a capital "E." I think that will improve legibility on both ends.

The "a" in the middle of "Kaye" could just as easily be an "e." I find that usually, the most reliable approach to a reversible two-tiered "a" is a sort of backwards "s" with serifs.

"Hilary" reads just fine, but it might read even better if you shorten the crossbar so that it doesn't quite touch the "L." The "A" will survive this.

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I think it would help a lot if you make the E Caps. You could add the same flourish to the bottom of the K as you have on the top. Then conitinue the crossbar of the K to make the middle arm of the E (When its flipped over.) Make sense? Might work out. Looks great though.

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What program do you use to draw your ambigrams? I'm interested in them as well, but haven't yet found a good program.

On a side note, I believe if you made your script more curly and elegant, the "e" attached to the "y" could be touching...and would fit in with the curly style. Sort of like the Edwardian Script font or something like that.

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