Inconsistent 'R' in Yearbook Outline

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If you look at the serif on the right-hand leg of the 'R' in the sample and compare it to if you type in 'R' under the "Try Font" tab, it seems like the latter serif is truncated.

Similarly, the serif for 'R' here is truncated (go to 'Character Set'):

But not here (have to go to 'Character Map'):

Does anyone know why this is? It is confusing to me since these sites are all owned by Monotype Imaging.

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I don't see the effect you describe on my monitor (iMac). It may simply be an artefact of how the font renders on your screen, especially at small sizes.

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To me it looks truncated just on
It looks like a glitch on the server-side.

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So, what's the problem? If you prefer the Linotype version, buy it. Then, if it turns out to be different from what was promised, return it.

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@oldnick - no problem, I was just curious.

Thanks all - sounds like it is probably a glitch then.

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