1970's Fonts?

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I'm looking for a 1970's style fonts, with drop shadows or outlining something interesting. Sans-serif, no cursive or anything fancy. Kind of like the SUPERBAD font.

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House Gothic 3D

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Supergood. Well, okay: maybe just superadequate…


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Hard to fix on 70s style - annoying, cause the 70s were very diverse... How about these?
Magnifico (Daytime & Nighttime),
Samarin (contour caps)
Soul Mama (ditto)
Vectroid & Cosmo (stripey caps)
Wavee Weekend (contour script, a logo in itself)
Tomato (wide, with alts and ligatures)
Django (decorated)

These were not necessarily DESIGNED in the 70s - the vibe, though...

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