Fire Department Logo Question

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I'm trying to come up with a design for a local firehouse. The captain at the fire department stated he wanted the name of the firehouse "in a font that looked simluar chrome" Does anyone have any suggestions? I know the chrom effect can be created with third party design software, but what about the font?


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OK, not sure that's going to work well. Do you have any suggestions for a fire department logo in general?

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Did he mean actual chrome or some font called chrome (I think there is one called chell chrome or something like that)? Custom lettering treatment could probably capture some aspects of actual chrome. That would be independent of font. Maybe you could give some more info from your brief - what are the main themes, ideas and messages of the brand, who is the audience, etc.

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Or maybe he meant beveled:
(see the last list of the original post)

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I was just trying to see if you guys knew a font that looked good in a chrome effect, not necesarily that the font looked like chrome. For example, the type of font I'm experimenting with is LHF Burbank. Again I'm just trying to identify other fonts that have an Old West / Fire Department look to them and will try applying a chrome filter to them to see if it works well or not.

Thanks for your time.

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You need to gather more info from the captain, as Luma Vine suggested, but my guess is that he had a chrome effect something like this in mind (which you'd need to create in Photoshop)...

Most fire department logos I've seen are just awful. They're designed like an old-fashioned city seal with tiny details that are illegible unless blown up large and examined carefully.

bad fire department logos:

I guess the fact that he's interested in a chrome effect at least shows that's he considering something a little different. But keep in mind that a client's initial ideas may or may not be the best way to go. Try to find out why he likes that look. It may not be the chrome itself, but something else that he likes (a more contemporary look, or the vehicle association, or the pizazz, or whatever).

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