Typefaces for WEB 3.0

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What would be a great Web 3.0 typeface? I say web3.0 and not 2.0 because I want to know what you all think web 3.0 typeface should be/become? Trend Changer... get out there

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Comic Sans.

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The US government is voting on the banning comic sans... just waiting for it to get passed by congress here real soon.

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Trends i see: less humanist, more classic grotesque and squarish typefaces; for example Benton Sans, Titling Gothic, Antenna, Franklin Gothic, Etica, Dagny and Ibis, Republic, Droid Serif, Meta Serif, PT Serif etc.

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Certainly, Sense is more popular than Sensibility.
(I refer to sales figures for the Shinntypes.)
Not seeing too much Carter Sans or Ideal Sans, either.
However, whether this situation/trend will remain or reverse is another matter.

It might well be that as screen resolution increases, and web browsers come to support expert typographic features, and web developers become more typographically informed now that there is large selection of webfonts, that there may be a vogue for classic garalde expert typography online, with drop caps, small caps, figure alternates, ligatures &c.

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Spiderman Gothic

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I choose apex sans as 1 example of web 3.0

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