Webfont Akkurat Alternative

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We are not Wolff Olins, so we’re trying to find something
similar to Akkurat that is available as a Webfont.
Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks a mill,


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Built on the same basic model, although presently only available in Regular and Bold…


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Just use arial.

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I think you might like DIN better than Arial as an Akkurat alternative.

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Runda is available on Typekit - it's not exceedingly similar, but it's another sturdy grotesk that could do the trick.

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“We are not Wolff Olins, so we’re trying to find something

Perhaps you’re not [as famous as] Wolff Olins because you are “trying to find something similar”?

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Lineto fonts are not yet available for the web, Frode. I think he means they can't afford to create their own font.

I would recommend FF DIN, FF Bau, or Antenna.

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Yeah yeah, I understood that :) I was commenting on society in general.

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Thanks for those suggestions, FF Bau was on the maybe list. Just can't seem to find anything that bridges the gap between a grotesk and something more engineered like FF Din, in the way that akkurat does.

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Good suggestion, Frode. Also, in another vein, Geogrotesque. Though I don't recommend it for small sizes. (See Windows performance.)

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Same for Neuzeit. Check the browser samples!

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Decisions, decisions… Thanks a mill for the suggestions, reckon I need to sleep on it over the weekend!

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What about Colophon's Apercu?
Their mono is very similar to Akkurat Mono.


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I heard Lineto has started to license their fonts as webfonts as well on request. Pretty sure that goes for Akkurat, Akkurat Mono as well.

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Have anyone notice swiss design awards site, it uses Lineto Brown. Is this legal?

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Only Lineto could tell us that. It's possible that they gave permission and/or a special license.

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swiss design awards.ch does not use Brown. I contacted Lineto around summer 2011, and was informed their fonts are still a no-no.

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Are you sure? That looks like Brown to me. If you look at the filenames of the fonts that they are loading up they're just gibberish, and they refer to them as BAKfont, so it's hard to say what's going on.

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they refer to them as BAKfont

Where BAK stands for Bundesamt für Kultur (http://www.bak.admin.ch/), organisers of the Swiss Federal Design Award. So it could well be a custom font.

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From the colophon of the website:

LL Brown Regular, Aurèle Sack, Lausanne, www.lineto.com


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