Problem with font audit

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hey guys

font audit suddenly started behaving weirdly. if i draw a shape its saying that move is empty and you have to fix it. if i press fix it removes a part of the curve or shortens it. it will go on till all the nodes have vanished?

what to do?


fontaudit problem.PNG12.06 KB
drawing rectangle font audit dialog 1.PNG11.58 KB
after fixing it once( using fontlab).PNG13.65 KB
after fixing it twice.PNG11.56 KB
after fixing it thrice( usin font lab).PNG11.09 KB
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If this is a problem in one glyph then manually select the paths, copy them, nuke the glyph, create it again, and paste the paths in. If this is happening consistently, restart Fontlab. If restarting Fontlab does not fix this then your Fontlab installation may have been corrupted somehow and you should reinstall.

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it's only happening to one particular glyph(only in that glyph window. i have reinstalled it but the problem still persists.
should i reinstall it?


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Try Select All, then "Merge Contours"…

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