Caron this, caron that...

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The caron on a /dcaron/, /lcaron/ and /tcaron/ shouldn't really look like an apostrophe, should it? Supposing my /commaaccent/ looks like a /comma/, is it fair game for my alternative caron to look more like an straight stroke, angled from 1 o'clock down to 7 o'clock? Look forward to your thoughts, especially if you're Czech.


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From my research it seems that Czechs are not very picky about what the caron looks like as long as it does not look like the punctuation in the same font.

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Strikes me that the modified caron way too often looks like the comma/quoteright. It's got nothing to do with the comma, right?

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Nick, have you checked Victor Gaultney's Problems of Diacritic Design? I'm sure there was something in there about it...from memory it needs to be pretty straight, not as round as the apostrophe.

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This resource suggests that you are on the right track.

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