Preto Sans

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DizajnDesign is happy to announce Preto Sans, first released member
of Preto typeface family:

Development of Preto Sans

Pdf specimen

More info

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Nice, but maybe the name is a little too close to Prelo?

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Hm. I didn't know Prelo before... A nice one.

"preto" is actually a slovak word ;)

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I think the f ligatures are admirable here. 1. I like the tasteful restraint. 2. I like the two different styles of ligatures. Very nice.

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Congratulations Ján, there are a lot of faces in this contemporary genre (whatever it is), but you've managed to create a face that's even in colour and understated (and hence very useful, I would expect) en masse, and yet has some very confident and distinctive letter forms—a typeface with real personality.

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I am very happy about your reaction on the typeface, because my aim actually was to create an universal typeface, but still somehow interesting.
But this family is 1/3 of the project only. I will still need to finish two other type families to complete Preto family.
Thank you!

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I like this but, unfortunately, I cannot open any of the links. Also, you may want to reconsider that blue on the samples you posted here – it's quite jarring.

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Very nice! I really enjoyed reading the development. That italic ampersand is really good looking

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Thank you.

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Congratulations Ján!
Very nice
And I love the name of the font also - meaning "because" in Slovak, it is somewhat "mean" but very self confident.
But it surely works worldwide too:-)

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Well. Thank you!
The name just somehow "pop up", when I was unable to find out a good name. The time was pressure and I was asking myself, why this name, why that name...
And I didn't have a good reason, why it should be named after the names I invented.
"Because" ("preto" in slovak language) was the only reasonable answer I could get. :)
So the typeface name came from the answer.

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