Drawing an E from a T (Help Please!)

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I am currently trying to draw an E to match this T (for a top-secret logotype). The bodies of the letter forms are based on Engravers Boldface but I have been changing the serifs and adding a thick crossbar at the top. The thick crossbar is part of the design concept. So, what I can't figure out is how that thickness should be interpreted in the middle and lower arms of the E.

I would love some advice.
Sorry for being a novice.

I thought adding this reference might help illustrate how I've been fooling with the thickness of the horizontal strokes.
The serifs are inspired by what's going on here in Commercial Type's Giorgio.

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Hey Alex. The Giorgio E is a good reference point for what you're trying to do. You'll want to take note of the relationship between the stroke width of the serifs and the overall height of the letter within the context of the stem, crossbar, and arms. At the height you're drawing it, the serifs don't appear fine at all. Thin them out some. Experiment with thinner arms (and a thinner crossbar on the T). For further guidance, study the shape made by the negative space where the inner serifs of the E interact. Let us see how it goes.

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Hey David,

This is enormously helpful, but I'm already pretty happy with the weight of the serifs. I'm not looking to emulate the drama of the Giorgio character...just the overall shape. This logo will appear on the internet in very small sizes, so fine serifs like that—while they are gorgeous— are pretty much out of the question.

My question is a lot more focused. I am really very happy with the T, and I am trying to draw a complimentary E. I would love your advice on that!!

ps. I edited my original post to clarify.

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I think your E works.
Since it is for a logo, it shold be seen alongside all the letters involved. But since the logo is top secret, the general advice I can give is that, since E is busier than T, horizontal strokes could (should) be a little lighter than the one of T.

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Not sure if you're still checking this thread, but I've posted an amended E below with a couple of minor tweaks. Hope you don't mind me posting the image, describing my suggested changes was getting very confusing!

Essentially I've shortened the serifs on both the upper and lower horizontal strokes, and also shortened the length of the upper horizontal stroke, so that its serif appears to sit slightly within the serif on the lower horizontal stroke. Hope that's clear! I've placed my tweaked E on top of your original one so you can, hopefully, see what's changed. If you take a close look at the Giorgio E you posted you'll see that its upper horizontal stroke does the same thing, but it's very subtle.

I made these changes pretty quickly, so if you feel they're worth doing then you might want to take a bit more time over them than I did. Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much peter! You can't imagine how helpful it is.
Here is my follow-up post. link

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