Monospace workhorse?

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I'm a recent design graduate, currently in the process of putting together
my arsenal of regular fonts to do battle with, and I could do with a couple of
decent monospace fonts being added.

Can anyone recommend some for me to look at. Preferably that work well
for contact details on stationery, and when coupled with a sans etc.



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Lucida Sans Typewriter, Anonymous Pro, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, Consolas, Inconsolata.

If you want something funkier and more unusual, consider Monofur, which feels like a monospaced version of Kabel (!)

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Thanks, Thomas — all good.

Since posting I've remembered LL Lettera was pretty nice and Monospace821.


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Ubuntu has just gained a monospaced set, too.

No idea if CMU Typewriter is to your palate.

There's also Liberation Mono and its big sib, ChromeOS Cousine.

Hunting through the fixed-width/typewriter sections on DaFont and FontSquirrel will likely yield groans and grins.

Then there's F25 Digital Typeface Design, which has a few monospaced faces available. Might be too specialised, though.

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Appreciate the reply.

Will take a look at those, thanks.

Closest I've found since posting has been Akkurat Mono.


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I second the recommendation for Lettera. Also, FB Alix is really nice.

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A list of contemporary monospaced typefaces: Cure for Courier

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Have a look at Nitti, it is beautiful and very extensive in terms of weights and language support. And it is used to great effect in iA Writer on the iPad and OS X.

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Just released: Novel Mono by Christoph Dunst.

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I have always been a fan of Nitti.

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Just curious, why do you feel you need any monospaced fonts in your arsenal? Why not wait and see if a particular project requires them before you go and get some?


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