Typographer.org opens up and asks for contributors

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Typographer.org today asked the type community to get involved and contribute to a new multi-voice weekly digest of typography news.

The posting to Typographer.org today reads:

Typographer.org (and.com) have been going for about five or so years now, and its time for a change of format once again.

But rather than a new design, or a change in content, I've decided it might be fun to move the site away from my ramblings into a wider community. As last year proved graphically, I no longer have the time to maintain the website as I originally intended to, but I still feel that the site can offer a worthwhile alternative to the other typography sites out there. But in order to keep the site current, and bring on some much needed diversity, I need a hand.

What I would like to achieve is to get a group of interested (and interesting) people to take it in turns to write a regular weekly digest. Ideally, you'll be known in the type community in some way, and have experience or interest in writing on matters type. I'd like to maintain the digest format, but I would also be interested in having longer, subject-specific works (such as the typography for on-screen usage article I wrote last year) integrated into the site more often.

So then, this is a call for submissions for those interested in contributing to the website. If there is interest, we can move forward and start to bring quality and worthwhile content to the type community once more. If not, well, so be it!

If you would like to be considered for a regular digest slot, please get in contact with me. I am thinking that 4 different voices including my own, taking weekly turns at the digest, would make for a jolly site. I'm also interested in those of you who would like to help write the longer subject-specific articles, and even those just interested in "filling in" from time to time with guest slots.

As people who appreciate the history of this site will know, it has always been a non-commercial site that has never featured advertising, advertorials or any other form of direct support from the commercial world. This means that, along with journalistic integrity, comes only the reward of contributing to our community. Thats a long way of saying that I can't afford to pay you, I dont make any money either, but neither will we need to temper our words for fear of commercial reprisal! The only thank you I can offer regular contributors is a voice on the site and a funky typographer.org email address (with a POP3 account) of your choice.

Interested parties, or those with comments on the idea in general, should email in at the address in the footer of this page.

[address: publishing[at]lowresolution.co.uk (removing anti-spam device)]

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