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Hello. How's the Kerning on my logo? Please feel free to advise on any other aspect of the logo. Be brutally honest. Thanks

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Hi Auggie and welcome to Typophile. I don't know whether is has to do with the concept, but the kerning appear to be very tight.


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Thank you. Baptiste Consulting, is an IT Consulting firm. I collaborate with clients, to help them improve, manage and protect their business through information technology.

I decided to use a wordmark, instead of a logo. I wanted it, to seem "professional" yet approachable. The moment I laid my eyes on the Univers font, I knew it was the right font.
Clean and approachable, well, at least to me.

The logo above, is a result of manual kerning, as I found the "g" hanging a bit to far away from the "n"

WITHOUT kerning:

Again, thank you for your replies.

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Hi. To my eye, the problem in the first (manually kerned) logo is that it looks like you made everything as tight as possible; rather than making the rhythm/pattern regular. That makes it look irregular and a bit cramped. For example in «Consulting» the "on" and "ul" and "in" are too close together compared to the space around the "t" – which of course cannot be made much tighter, so it stands out like a bit of a gap. IMO the idea should be to harmonize and balance the spaces between the letters.

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Thank you all. Yes, Nina, I tried to make it as close as possible, I even tried to create the same amount of space, between each letter. Lol, it seems like it doesn't work like that. Back to the proverbial drawing board.

Is the second logo (No Kerning) closer to a proper rhythm than the first, with manual kerning?

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Is this a personal, academic, or professional project?

To assist the group in an effort to providing you with more meaningful feedback, can you tell us a little more about the context such as client, audience, goals, budget, timeline &c… Good design decision making (imo, lest we start yet another circular art v science “debate”) is based more upon fitness for purpose than it is subjective, aesthetic, and intuitive guesswork.

And while I am a huge supporter of open-source communities, it may be worthwhile to check out Do My Homework Syndrome.

(and thanks for using my favorite font in your wordmark ;)

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Sure thing Christopher.

I live in Trinidad and Tobago, a small island in the Caribbean. Baptiste Consulting, is a Company that I started in 2010. An IT consulting company, through which I help managers improve, manage and protect their business through using information technology.

My target audience are managers of small business (Around 10-15 PC's) My goals for the word mark, is simplicity, seriousness and approachable. I know it's vague, but, you all can get the gist of my intention, from the photos I posted.

As simple as can be, that's just about it. I went with simplicity, because I think it will go well with my target audience.

After much thought, and feedback, I've come up with the logo above as to me, it captures my intention.

The issue here, for me, is proper kerning of the logo.

Please tell me if the information I provided is helpful, thanks.


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Another crack at it

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for 'Consulting' - move 'Co' a bit closer to 'nsulting' and the 'g' creeping away

for 'Baptiste' - move 'B' a bit closer to 'aptiste'

just a little for both...

Best way my professor describes it. Look at 3 groups letters at a time... if 2 of the 3 letters seem more friendly then space them so all 3 are evenly friendly.

Example of how you would do this:
for Baptise:
1. Bap
2. apt
3. pti
4. tis
5. ist
6. ste

for Consulting:
1. Con
2. ons
3. nsu
4. sul
5. ult
6. lti
7. tin
8. ing

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Thanks alot dzi11! I'm going to try what you recommended thank you!

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no prob!

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Need practice with your kerning. Try this marvelous website.

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Another attempt.

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Yes its clean

Yes its approachable

But it lacks personality and does not communicate IT or whatever they are good at

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Hi Agiedo,

I'm not sure if you or your client would be open to this but, I would chop/reduce the width of the cross on the 't' in 'Consulting' if I were you. There seems to be a little ugly white dot developing in-between the 'l' and 't'.

The curve on 'p' and 's' in the word 'Baptiste' tends to dull out the white space but the vertical 'l' in 'Consulting' really accentuates it.

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