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Hey all... I'm working on a mark for a new fine stationery store. Any feedback as to preference between #1 and #2 would be great. Also, I'm not sure what I think about the flourish into the 'b'.


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#2. Also, the curve between the b’s stem and the flourish is a bit abrupt.

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The direction the flourish comes off the b is contrary to how a scribe would pull a flourish from a lowercase b. That's why it seems off. You could have it come into the downstroke of the b from the natural direction of writing (R to L; Top to Bottom) and still loop around to center the flourish. That being said the first sample is better; in that the top and bottom flourishes work together better.

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Thanks Stephen. Good observation on the directional aspect... I'll look at some ways to work the flourish in from right to left. Cheers!

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Have you tried connecting the bottom terminal of the S around to the bottom flourish? It could help tie things together even more. And maybe consider ball terminals on the flourishes too? Or some other strategy to bring a bit more unity to the style.

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