I'm looking for a Kerning specialist/ Company?

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Does anyone have a list of companies that specialise in kerning.
I'd like to send someone my fonts, then get them back all kerned and ready for market in an .otf and .ttf format.

Can anyone recommend a company?
It would be nice to get quotes from a few different companies/ freelancers to see who offers the best service.

So far, all I have is:-
1. www.ikern.com

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You can also contact Jean-Baptiste Levée : info@opto.fr / http://www.jblt.co/

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What do you mean by ready for market? Anything else but kerning?

I think many type designers would be happy take on this kind of job, if the time frame, money and/or quality of the design is fitting.

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In any case be sure you have the *spacing* of the letters in good state. Saves you Hundreds if not Thousands of kerning pairs.

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I did recently contact Jean-Baptiste Levée.
His price was 1000% above the next highest quote, which was a high quote to start with.
So I felt somewhat insulted and shocked by such an astronomical amount.
Needless to say, I will never ask him for another quote, or recommend him to any one.

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You should kern them yourself. Do you really trust someone else to do something so intimate with your design?

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I have no idea what JBL quoted, but I am not surprised that there are big differences in the pricing of type design and/or type production work. Quality type design is a highly sought-after service, and extremely time consuming. Let’s say the minimal (a number I’m pulling out of the hat for the example) time it takes to space and kern four masters is a five working days. With a hourly wage of €75 that comes to €2625. Sure, you can find a wannabe type designer to do the work for a fraction of the price, but you’ll not be hiring a professional.

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