Kerning specialists/ Companies?

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Does anyone have a list of companies that specialise in kerning.
I'd like to send someone my fonts, then get them back all kerned and ready for market in an .otf and .ttf format.

Can anyone recommend anyone?
It would be nice to get quotes from a few different companies/ freelancers to see who offers the best service.

So far, all I have is:-

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Perhaps because I'm a computer programmer by training (and nature) I relish
the spacing/kerning aspect of typeface design, and my clients tell me it shows.

In terms of re-spacing an existing font, I was commissioned by the Green
Dragon Office design studio to re-space/re-kern F Goudy's Deepdene for
an exhibit/publication at/by LA's Museum of Contemporary Art.

Please contact me off-line for a quote: hpapazian at gmail dot com


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