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I'm beggining to design my websites, by my own hands (writing code) and I would like to know your experience on how can I improve my typesetting on the web.

you can take a look on my first design on progress at elecronicq.info/blog

I'm using Anonymous Pro, linked from google fonts (please note that i'm having some issues on firefox*...
at first, I know I'm using a monospace font but I would like to know your opinion on how to improve readability on large blocks of text. using css?.. or?..
this is my electronic media project, but soon I'll work on my letterpress project (I own a heidelberg windmill) you can take a look on the web sketch at cargocollective.com/leftoverprints

take care and thanks in advance for your words! :)

*for some reason it's displaying the default monospace on your system. if anyone knows how to solve this, please let me know!

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UPDATE: it seams that firefox is behaving good now.

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