When should i start spacing the charecters

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Hey guys
I am a noob at typeface design and i am wondering when should i start spacing my characters. I mean i have finished all small letters and i am doing caps right now.
Should i construct all the letters( i mean symbols, punctuation, numbers) and then space or can start spacing simultaneously while designing the remaining? How do you guys do?


PS: above post might have information which might make you say "you have gotta be kidding me"

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Spacing and drawing should be treated as the same thing. The notion that letters should be drawn and then spaced is a leftover from the metal type era, when it had to be done differently.

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I agree that it's a good idea to space them as you're drawing. Also, especially when you're just starting out, expect to not space your glyphs once and then you're done spacing. It's usually quite an iterative process.

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@nina thanks and i am beginning to realize it.


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Or, in other words: Design words, not glyphs.

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Start spacing since the first character is done, and continue refining it until the whole thing works.

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It's certainly true that glyphs, boumas and spacing are inseparable.
It is also true that a deep first-hand appreciation of this almost
always only comes with experience, so it's unreasonable to expect
a novice to apply (or even grasp) such a holistic approach. So there
is a "hybrid" approach, which in fact seems to arise naturally most
of the time in somebody following a classical education in type design
(being self-taught :-) and that is iteration: making glyphs in ignorance
of spacing, eventually seeing a problem in spacing, going back to change
the glyph(s), ad continuum. Such iteration is not naturally efficient,
and it can never be the same as designing the glyphs with the holistic
mindset, but repeated enough times results in quality work. The main
thing to avoid is sticking too closely to an ideal of glyph shapes OR
spacing, and as a result forcing one or the other into an unhealthy
position (which sadly does happen a lot).


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