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I have a small business I do on the side which is graphic design and websites. I am in the process of creating a business card for myself. I would like to do it on clear plastic like Mike Haska did in a previous post.

The blue area is going to be clear. This will allow the white border/stroke around the 'eh' to stand out and the white stripe at the bottom to also stand out.

I am going to print the white stripe at the bottom on the back of the card to give it some depth. I would like to do the same the same for the white around 'eh' but am unsure if that would look ok since it would be on the back.

I would be greatly appreciative any comments on my design - layout, design, fonts, etc. Say anything and it will be taken in consideration...

Thanks for the help in advance - Troy

Business Card

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The maple leaf seems small for the size of the white outline. It chomps into the leaf like an insect would. That poor little stem is almost cut off.

Reducing the "eh" or enlarging the leaf (maybe rotating and only showing a portion of it) would eliminate the eaten leaf effect.

The list at the bottom shouldn't start with a hyphen, and I'm not sure hyphens are a good choice for separators. If you do use them, they should only be between items and evenly spaced.

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I think your text is a tad large. Hang the punctuaion (on Ave.). Loose the bullet points at the bottom, IMHO. It makes it look like a yellow pages ad. Lumping Graphic design with Computer sales seems quite odd.

If you want to offer these services, I'd suggest making multiple cards. (eh Design, eh Computer Sales, eh Web Hosting) etc.

As for the's a clever canuck reference, but, at the same time, somewhat negative, isn't it? "How's my work? eh. so-so."

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Troy, everything is to big. Reduce the size of everything allow some white space. Don't tell the whole story of your business, allow a potential a chance to ask questions. Your copy at the bottom makes you seem like a Kmart (you do everything). I would change it to read: Website Hosting

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Thanks for all the tips and thoughts. I am going to play with it a bit tonight and when I get changed I will post it again.

As for the Computer sales I am getting into that on the side with a frind of mine I think I will remove that since that is not a major part of the business.

As for the eh chomping into the leaf I am going to make the white border around it a bit smaller but I have been using this logo as it is for awhile now.

Good thought about the hyphens and the . after Ave.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

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Hi Troy,

Just a note on material type. Even though I started off with the intent of going with a plastic card, I eventually decided to go with a translucent paper. My main reasons for the switch were to facilitate a faster printing time, to reduce costs, and because I wasn't 100% comfortable with completely clear cards.

My concern was that in a business card folder or a stack of cards, my card might 'disappear' when the the card behind it shows through. I was a little worried that my card would be too much like a chameleon, blending in with the background...

Since your card has a large, colourful logo with a white border, this effect might be mitigated, but I can tell you that I've had tonnes of compliments with my translucent cards (I don't think I've suffered because of the switch, in any case.)

Also, on the design of your card, I would agree with the comments suggesting sizing down the elements to increase the amount of white space. Also, you might try swapping the position of your name/title and your address. I think a more central location on the card would give your name more precidence over the other elements...

Can't wait to see the redesign!


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I agree with Darrel and Daniel's suggestions, but would also like to see you revise your typeface choices. Your logo face is between a print and a script, in that limbo with Comic Sans. Maybe try using your own handwriting or creating a few custom letters in Illustrator. On the other extreme, the body copy on the right just looks transcribed. Try exaggerating the sizes; you can read down to 7 or 8pt comfortably with quality printing.

I'd like to see some iterations with more playful placement of the card's elements.

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I would have to say, increase the type size, especially on the bottom line,

Nothing would emphasize LOWER PRICING than just making the leap straight into Comic Sans.


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I'm not sure I agree with all of the thoughtful comments posted here but I do concur that the maple leaf is a bit dwarfed by the "eh."

I am also interested in purchasing a business card that is transparent with two color ink used for the text. Does anyone know of a good printer in Canada that makes them?

Thank you,

Ken Bleyer

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