Saving in PDF makes text appear black when pictures inserted

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Hello! Please if anyone could help with my bug. I'm using InDesign CS 5.5 now, but same thing happens also when I'm trying to save a Word document as a PDF file (MS Word 2010).
This happens only when I insert pictures into a page. Saving in PDF makes text appear black when pictures inserted. Please see the attached pictures of normal text and abnormal text in case of a picture inserted. I also have Acrobat X Pro installed. I have no printers connected to my PC.
Please if anyone could tell me how to fix this bug?
Thanks a lot in advance!

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This is something that will happen in InDesign (don’t know about Word) when text-areas touch and/or overlap images and is caused by ‘flattening’. To solve this most designers place text in a separate layer on top,

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I have just tried to put the text layer on top of other layers in Layers panel but same bug. Any more suggestions please?

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Does it make a difference if the picture is RGB or CMYK?

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Same bug for RGB and CMYK. It looks like transparency issue. My pictures have transparency enabled and they are in PNG format. I have just tried to save a picture in jpeg format and use it in InDesign instead of PNG picture and it fixed the problem. Is there any way how can I use PNG picture files as I need to convert lots of PNGs to JPEGs to solve this problem of bold black text appearance. Is there any workaround? Thank you.

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What happens with a PNG that isn't transparent?

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Okay, it looks like the only solution is to insert PNG files without transparency enabled in them, this works. So I will recreate all 500+ pictures manually with transparency disabled.

Thank you all for the tips guys! Looks like the problem is solved now.

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Oh, man. Hope you can batch process those in Photoshop. Glad it got cleared up though.

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Try to save it (transparent RGB png and color-Key text) in Acrobat 4.0-Format (Adobe PDF 1.3). But pay attention if it harms your transparent pictures.

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For me works fine. Maybe it's a bug of your InDesign copy or a problem related to the font.
I don't know… try to put subset font at 0% and see if it still happens.

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