Braga, a new type system by DSType

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DSType proudly introduces BRAGA, an exuberant baroque typeface, named after a portuguese city, also known as the baroque capital of Portugal. Our latest typographic extravaganza comes with a multitude of fonts designed to work like layers, allowing to insert color, lines, gradients, patterns, baroque, floral swashes, and many other graphic elements. Starting with Braga Base, you can add any of the twenty-three available styles, to create colourful typographic designs. Ask our detailed PDF specimen, showing all the features and how to use this type system designed by Dino dos Santos and Pedro Leal.

Dino dos Santos

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Dino, please insert images in this thread.

PNG or JPG format
588 pixels max. width to avoid scrollbar

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Thanks for the tip, Nick.
I'll do that.

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Wow. Beautifully done, and hours of fun for designers.

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Dino, when will this face be available? I’m very interested in seeing the PDF specimen as well.

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Grant send me an email and I send you the PDF specimen.
The same for all of you.

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Braga, from DSType, is already available at MyFonts
Check it out and make sure you download the PDF specimen.

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