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I am doing work for a nature/natural history travel company and am looking for a new typeface to use. I am looking for something organic, but not over the top. We usually have lots of body copy and our audience is older (50+). So far I've been using Caslon at about 11-12 point. I love using it, because I can use it for headlines too, and with or without swash characters. However I am looking for something a little more organic. I like Tribute by Emigre because it has an antique look that could go well with the classic journeys and exploration theme, plus it has great italics. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

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Sounds like a job for a Fleischman.
And for the titling maybe a Clarendon.


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Chank has a couple of fonts that really go for the organic look, made up of actual organic matter. I think they may be a bit too 'overgrown' for your needs, but just in case, here are the links :

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Thanks for the suggestions. I downladed the Chank fonts a while back and have been looking for somewhere to use them. They are a little much for what I need this time, but hopefully I can sneak them in sometime.

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I don't know much, but maybe check out Laricio. I think it's lovely and organic feeling. It has some very nice swash characters. Check out the pdf too.

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