The infalliable Archer, now a little more falliable

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Please take the subject line as jest. I thought I'd share a comment from a client when reviewing a design concept featuring Archer.

The client is a media comms person for a private all-girls school, ages 5-17. The brief is to renovate a tired school mag and make it modern and feminine.

"I'm not sure I like that font, (dare I say it) it's a little comic-sansy".

I was shocked at first, but then I had to laugh. I think I'm guilty of always trying to sneak Archer into a project somewhere, I just presumed everyone would love it! She didn't like Gotham either.

She did, how ever like Stag light, "That one's just so modern and fresh". It goes to show people don't have the same perceptions of a font as you. Now to find an appropriate pairing for Stag.

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