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I've been working as a designer for over 10 years, but I feel like I need a refresher on the basic principles of design. So I'm looking for a book. I do a lot of editorial, so I'm looking for a book that will explain and dissect good page layouts and explain why they work, using the principles of design (contrast, texture, balance, rhythm, etc…). I'm looking for real-world examples, not just shapes on a page like Wucius Wong's Principles of Form and Design (a good book nonetheless). I'm not really looking for a grid book, however i realize that grids and page layouts are inseparable.

Anyone know of any books that covers this? Or even a website, or magazine article?


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I like Before & After very much. You can check individual issues about page layout or consider the books they released. John McWade always works based on real-world examples and uses a fine technical approach.

For a more theoretical stuff, there is Bringhurst's The Elements of Typographic Style. A classical, although I think it is very conservative when talking about page formats, white space and dimensions.

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I too like Before & After. McWade sells a series of PDFs, each of which contains several short articles about some aspect of design. There are several sample issues you can download for free. He also has several books.

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I found this recent mag, Pro Software Skill: Indesign, from the Computer Arts team pretty helpful. It's focus is, naturally given the title, InDesign but for the cover price it is a decent refresher.

Not sure if you can get it off the shelf in Canada but you should be able to obtain it by mail order.

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Basic page layout tutorial will be available from

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