Desgning iPad app that must look (facetiously) Medieval

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Got a great gig designing an iPad app with a decidedly comedic twist, but it must embody a Medieval spirit. For font choices the previous designer started with Gryphius for body copy (which I think will work) and a blackletter font for the headers. For titling and subheads I'm open to also considering a more Celtic Uncial style but want it to 1) have a bit of a soft or crumbling edge and 2) maintain legibility since it will be read on screen, so the counters can't be too narrow and pinched looking. I'm considering Brokenscript and Canterbury but not crazy about either of them. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Might be worth taking a look at Fell Types.

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Thanks, Igino. Still looking for a calligraphic font for titling (a legible blackletter, or uncial, or Lombardic) and think I've settled on Gryphius for the body copy. But it's great to see what you're up to.

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